S Scale

A little history.

 “S” gauge trains were originally manufactured by Gilbert Assoc, from 1945-1965. These trains came out after  World War II to compete with the company, Lionel.  Lionel’s trains were a little larger and have a three rail pick-up system, while Gilbert’s “S” gauge had a two rail system which is a little more realistic than the Lionel three rail system.
Although these trains are smaller than Lionel’s they are nicely detailed, and have an excellent variety of rolling stock available.  Minimum radius of these trains is 36 inches with right and left hand switches available.  The allows layouts to be limited only by your imagination.
For us, we have two main loops that run in opposite directions. All the trains on this layout are quite old and have to be properly maintained to ensure they will continue to run smoothly. We have a nice variety of diesel and steam powered engines on display with many more as static displays.