O Scale

The “O” gauge is our largest layout. It features 34 locomotives, both steam and diesel, and many freight and passenger cars.  The track system and turnouts are all Atlas “O” scale track.  93 turnouts and hundreds of feet of track are in operation all the time.
The main 4 lines are operated by a block system with working signals. The system is controlled by electro-magnetical relays, and train sensor devices.  No digital computerization is needed to keep these trains running.  If we have to be honest, we think its pretty impressive ourselves. On the outside of the layout you can hear and see almost all the relays that control this setup.
A yard area including a operating turntable, round house, scale repair house, and a car icing plant is featured.
Fifteen trains are in continuous operation with Lionel and MTH Motive Power.  In addition, “O” scale trolleys, are powered by overhead wires. Two incline plane cars serve the town and mountain areas at the rear of the layout.