N Scale

Our N scale layout is an L-shaped layout with dimensions being 15 feet by 14 feet by 5 feet wide. We have approximately 147 feet of DCC powered mainline track and approximately 20 feet of DC powered mainline track. The layout is a mixture of old and new styled construction.
The layout is still fairly new so it’s a work in progress. Being that we have a lot of construction going on people that visit can see the various forms of scenery construction as well as various forms of electrical hook ups.
At this time we can run up to seven train simultaneously. We like to rotate  locomotives and rolling stock hourly. This serves two purposes, it keeps things visually interesting, and also gives us a chance to rest are engines so that we don’t overburden our locomotive fleet.
We operate our DCC layout with the NCE Power Pro DCC unit. Our DC line is powered by an MRC tech DC power pack.