HO Scale

The “HO” layout is one of the oldest, and most developed layouts that we have.  It hosts over 250 feet of main line rail track as well as 150 feet of sidings. All the track is code 100 and has 104 turnouts. The layout maintains East and West operations.  We have over 100 steam and diesel locomotives, and can run eight trains on the main line simultaneously.  The layout is themed in the height of summer in the late sixties.  The layout is driven by a complex NCE DCC system and we are currently beginning to computer interface operations with JMRI for turnout, Block control and signaling. We are always changing the layout so expect new and exciting additions as we add them in the future.
This layout, while being dedicated to real life, hosts some fun references to other sources.  For instance, the Hogwarts Express, and Thomas the Tank Engine will be displayed on occasion for the younger generation.  Some fun for the adults as well.  If you can find the topless sun bather you get bragging rights.
 Sorry, we have no prizes.